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551cars07 08 02/19/2011sat in japan.
明日の日曜日には京都市内で二つの集いが開催されます。南では、九条通り沿いの京都テルサで料理教室「京のおばんざい教室」が、主催者:男性介護者を支援する会の音戸で。二条城北隣の社会福祉会館では、認知症の人と家族の会主催の2月度の集いが開かれます。開催時刻は重なりますが、お運びくださる方々にとって得るものの多い集いだと思いますので、ご案内いたしました。私は、今朝も黒い老犬をなでて癒されておりました。皆様のご健勝を祈っています。Collection burs of two will be held in the Kyoto city on Sunday tomorrow. In the south, it is Kyoto [terusa] of along and cooking study meeting"Kyoto style (study meeting of [obanzai]) traditional home dish" is an organizer according to Kujou-main street. The organizer(sponsor): It is held by arranging the meeting that supports the man nurser. In the social welfare hall in the next of the Nijo Castle north, the collection bur of the meeting sponsoring of the person with dementia and the family in February is opened. The holding time was guided because it was thought that it was a lot of gatherings that were though came in succession in spite of obtaining for the people who carried. I(Kiyotaka) was healed patting a black older dog this morning.
We(motheRaku,Kiyotaka) pray for good health of everybody.




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