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551cars09 10 02/26/2011sat in japan.
認知症家族さんの在宅介護当事者の大先輩宅を、本日の午後に訪問します。「工夫の人」です。介護を長年していると、多くの方々は介護の工夫と研究を成し遂げますが、普遍的な工夫の共通項の公開に向けた共同開発を、私と共に目指したいとお考えになっておられます。男性介護当事者さん達の介護負担の軽減への一助となれば、その大先輩の工夫・ご苦労も報われます。それと、もう一点。立命館大学の男性介護ネット事務局活動の充実が不可欠なので、私もお手伝いに加わりました。週に一日(午後の2~3時間等)もしくは、月に一日(午後の数時間)のお手伝いが可能な男性介護当事者や男性介護ネットを支えて下さる方々の支援を必要としています。世界に向けた男性介護当事者ネットの拡充と発展の為にも。皆様のご健勝を願っています。Dementia family's home care person concerned's large senior house is visited on today afternoon. It is "Person of the device. "We will regard many people though the device and the research of nursing are accomplished in case of the longtime nursing. as want to aim at the joint development for opening the common denominator of a universal device to the public with me. It devises of the large senior and the hardship is rewarding if becoming a help, too. reduce of the nursing load of the man nursing persons concerned. It and another point. Because the enhancement of the man nursing net secretariat activity of Ritsumeikan University was indispensable, I also joined help. The support of the people who support the man nursing person concerned and the man nursing net that can be helped during a day (For several hours of the afternoon) in a day (2~3 hour of the afternoon etc.) or the moons on the week is needed. For the expansion and the development of the man nursing person concerned net for the world. We(motherRaku,Kiyotaka) wish good health of everybody.